The primary objective is to ensure effective risk control of project activity. It outlines the safety procedures to be followed for various operations. All aware on direct cost of accidents, but the indirect or hidden cost of accidents can have adverse effect on the productivity. More that the cost, the human life involved is of paramount concern to us. An awareness of this basic fact is essential for developing and maintaining an effective prevention program.

Connect Power  is committed to:

• Compliance with all applicable statury regulation, national and international environmental laws and other requirements to which Connect Power standards subscribe.

• Provide framework for continual development on environmental protection by setting targets. Objectives and program on relevant levels and function in the organization.

• Provide the necessary resources, education / training skills and motivation to all employees so that the policy is consistently implemented thought the company.

• Ensuring that contractors and suppliers working for Connect Power commit to environmental requirements of principals and demonstrated such commitment in their activities.